Best Home Internet Packages and Plans in Dubai 2024

Home Internet Packages in UAE

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Here’s a list of the best home internet packages in Dubai, we have analyzed Du internet packages and Etisalat home internet packages in Dubai to help you select the best one for your home.

Are you moving to Dubai? Your journey to seamless connectivity begins here. The pulse of any modern household is its internet connection, and in Dubai, the choices are as vibrant as the skyline. Wondering whether to stick with the familiar or dive into uncharted waters? Brace yourself for a comprehensive guide to the best home internet packages and plans that Dubai has to offer.

In Dubai, two giants stand tall, offering internet services: Etisalat and Du. From the simplicity of broadband connections to the all-encompassing eLife bundles, Etisalat home internet offers cater to a spectrum of needs. Meanwhile, Du wifi plans entices with options ranging from Talk & Surf to the comprehensive Talk, Surf & Watch plans.

But the journey doesn’t stop at choices; it’s about understanding the intricacies and processes. Signing up for Dubai home internet packages and plans is a breeze; just visit the nearest Etisalat or Du service hub. Yet, as the city that never sleeps evolves, so do the timelines. Approval for residential internet services takes about a week, and residency is a prerequisite.

Du adds an age requirement to the mix: you need to be 21 or older to enjoy their services. However, fear not if you’re a youthful resident; a Notice of Consent (NOC) signed by a responsible adult can unlock the doors to your digital haven.

Join us on this expedition through the digital landscape of Dubai, where the quest for the best home internet package is not just a choice but an experience. Your connected adventure awaits.

Best Home Internet Packages and Plans in Dubai

Dive into the digital ocean of Dubai, where home internet subscriptions are the compass guiding your connectivity adventure. Imagine these home internet plan subscriptions as tickets to different zones in a bustling amusement park, each offering its unique ride.

Now, for a basic stroll through the internet park, expect to dish out around AED 300 per month. But if you crave the thrill of a 500 Mbps rollercoaster, buckle up for the premium ride that might set you back AED 1,000 a month. It’s like choosing between a leisurely walk and a heart-pounding adrenaline rush.


Etisalat Home Internet Packages: E-Life Express Lane

Etisalat Home Internet Packages Speed TV Inclusions Monthly Price (AED) Contract Length (Months)
Elife 10G 10 GB 300 + HD TV 2699 24
ELife 5G 5 GB 300 + HD TV 1799 24
Ultra Fusion 1 GB 300 + HD TV 815 24
Unlimited Sports 500 Mbps 262+ Sports & Entertainment 465 24
Unlimited Entertainment 500 Mbps 236 + Premium Entertainment & OSN channels 599 24
Unlimited Starter 250 Mbps 187+ HD TV channels 389 24
eLife Family 100 Mbps 150+ Free-to-Air & Basic channel 359 24
eLife Sports 100 Mbps 120+ Sports & premium channels 435 24
eLife Entertainment 100 Mbps 100+ OSN Premium channels 569 24
eLife Lite 100 100 Mbps eLife On 749 12
eLife Lite 50 50 Mbps eLife On 599 12
eLife Lite 25 25 Mbps eLife On 399 12
eLife Lite 12 12 Mbps eLife On 299 12


Picture this as a speedway where you’re not just cruising; you’re zooming through the digital lanes. For AED 299, you get a 10 Mbps joyride, AED 399 upgrades you to 20 Mbps, and AED 599 propels you into the fast lane at 50 Mbps. Now, if you’re chasing the wind, the premium tracks offer 100 Mbps at AED 999 or an exhilarating 500 Mbps at AED 2,999. And for the full house experience, add Etisalat WiFi Plans for just AED 29 – the ultimate VIP pass.

But beware; like any thrilling ride, there’s a cost: installation fees, monthly dues, and VAT. Changing lanes? It’s free, but if you decide to take a slower route, there’s an AED 100 fee. Moving houses? That’ll be AED 150. And if you summon a technician, it’s another AED 150. Hold on tight; the ride might get bumpy.


Du Internet Packages: A Rollercoaster of Possibilities

Dun Internet Packages Speed TV Inclusions Monthly Price (AED) Contract Length (Months)
Du Home Starter 500 Mbps OSN+ Essential Pack – 1 pack of your choice 272 24
Du Home Basic 800 Mbps OSN+ Entertainment Pack – 19 Channels + Premium TV – 1 Pack 349 24
Du Home Advanced 1 Gbps OSN+ Entertainment Pack – 19 Channels + Premium TV – 1 Pack 455 24
Du Home Ultimate 1 Gbps Included (Premium TV, Entertainment Pack, Ultimate Pack, Essential TV) 905 24


Switch gears to Du’s rollercoaster, where AED 389 gets you on the Home Starter at 250 Mbps. Craving for more? The Home Basic at 500 Mbps is a wilder ride for AED 499. Go Advanced at 600 Mbps for AED 599 or take on the Ultimate at 800 Mbps for AED 1,099. Imagine it as choosing the intensity of your rollercoaster – from a scenic route to a jaw-dropping free fall.

Du Internet Plans doesn’t just offer rides; they throw in a Wi-Fi router, hundreds of TV channels, and free calls to UAE landlines. But hold onto your hat – activation fees, TV box deposits, and other expenses are lurking around the corner. The payment cycle starts 21 days after you hop on the ride, and monthly invoices keep the adventure going.

Remember, this amusement park requires commitment; it’s a 24-month ride. Changing your mind within the first year? Brace yourself for an AED 500 exit fee. Stay longer, and it drops to AED 250. Like any thrilling journey, Dubai’s home internet landscape is full of twists, turns, and surprises. Choose your ride wisely and embrace the digital adventure!


Etisalat Vs. Du Internet Packages: The Best Home Internet Plan for Dubai Residents  

Ready to dive into Dubai’s internet world? Let’s make the process a breeze. For more information on Etisalat home internet plans, swing by a service center or snag the application form from their website; it’s under the ‘Support’ tab. Feeling digital-savvy? Opt for the online application forms for a home internet package or connection.

Now, Du’s in the game too with its affordable and lighting fast Du internet packages and plans. Subscribe online or hit up a local service center. Pick your plan, fill out the web form, and voila! But let’s address the paperwork side of things. For both Etisalat and du, gear up with your valid UAE residency visa and Emirates ID. Don’t forget to photocopy those and throw them into the mix.

Du internet packages adds a little extra: an Ejari tenancy contract or ownership document with your name and address. If you’re not the one footing the bill, a golden ticket comes in the form of an authorization letter from the bill payer and their Emirates ID.

Now, the big question is: How long till you’re scrolling, streaming, and connecting? Once you’ve handed over the paperwork and paid the installation costs at the service center, sit tight. Your home internet package will be waving hello within seven days.

So, whether you’re Team Etisalat or cheering for du, your seamless internet journey is just around the corner. Ready, set, connect!

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