Future of Streaming: Latest Trends and Technologies Shaping the Future of Content Consumption

Future of Streaming

Key Takeaways

Latest video streaming trends are shaping the future of streaming globally and is opening new avenues for businesses to reach, engage,  and nurture relationships with their target audiences. 

Video content have perpetually stood as the epitome consumer consumption. Latest trends and streaming technologies like IoT and AI are shaping future of streaming and transforming the ways in which brands can use video streaming to build and nurture a loyal customer base.

Businesses do everything they can to attract their audience to their product or service. Content marketing is one of the best ways to get people’s attention, focusing on providing highly engaging quality content. Think about it like this: instead of bombarding people with lengthy paragraphs of text or images, you give them a video that is easy to consume, rather than text many people don’t read.

Short and engaging videos get the audience hooked, as most people don’t mind watching a 10-30-second video. That’s why streaming video grabs attention and keeps it; if they like your content, they will return for more. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram offer short-form, engaging videos that are a big hit with the young audience.

Video Streaming Industry Statistics

Let’s look at the following stats to know the importance of streaming video for business in 2024 and why it is the best way forward.

Video Streaming Revenue

  • Global Video Streaming Market Growth: According to a recent report by Statista, the global video streaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.3% from 2021 to 2024, reaching a market size of USD 108 billion by the end of 2024 and USD 146 billion by 2028.
  • Mobile Streaming Dominance: With the surge in mobile device usage, particularly among younger demographics, mobile video streaming is witnessing unprecedented growth. In 2023, mobile devices accounted for over 60% of all online video views.
  • Social Media Video Explosion: Social media platforms are becoming major players in the streaming video arena. With over 1 billion hours of video watched daily on YouTube alone, businesses cannot afford to ignore the potential of these platforms.


How Streaming Video Services Can Help SMBs Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Most people think that streaming videos, especially on social media, are about cute or funny videos as they get the most views. Absolutely not. Businesses can now get their video game up and running not just on their websites but on social media, too by collaborating with a video streaming service providers like Netflix and Disney+. They can offer businesses create exceptional content to attract and engage their target audiences.

netflix video streaming

So, exactly how are businesses doing it, and what do they need to do to ensure they can beat their competition? The following are some of the few strategies in this concern, not just related to social media but also to other mediums as well.

Boost engagement and conversions: Studies show that viewers are more likely to remember information from videos than text and are more likely to take positive action. It’s the perfect recipe for success, as potential customers will be more than interested in your products.

Explain complex things: Got a revolutionary new product? Break it down with a fun, animated explainer video. People retain information better through visuals, so complex concepts become clear and captivating.

  • Reach your target audience directly: You no longer fight for space on crowded social media feeds. With your video platform, you control the narrative and build a direct connection with your viewers.
  • Reach a large audience: The reach of streaming videos is unlimited. Take the example of YouTube, the world’s second most visited website after Google. Top influencers are earning millions of dollars through YouTube; even on this network, businesses can benefit from it. Other options include putting up a video platform, like on-demand video. If you can invest a good amount in streaming video for business marketing, the sky’s the limit for them, as the potential is huge.
  • Showcase your brand personality: Innovate as much as possible to make a lasting impact. Videos allow you to build a personal connection with your audience, making you more than just a logo on a screen. Exceptional and engaging videos can build a brand personality for any business that will surely get you quality leads and customers in the future.


Future of Streaming: Latest Trends & Technologies Shaping SMB Marketing Strategies

As we look to the future, the future of streaming services in SMB marketing strategies is only set to expand. Here are some trends and predictions for 2024 and beyond:

1. Personalized Experiences

The demand for personalized experiences will drive businesses to create highly targeted and customized streaming content. Expect more interactive videos, polls, and shoppable content tailored to individual preferences.

Example: A local gym could offer personalized workout routines through streaming video, adapting to each user’s fitness level and goals.

2. Integration with E-Commerce

Streaming and e-commerce will merge seamlessly, allowing viewers to purchase directly from streaming platforms. SMBs can benefit from this trend by creating compelling video content that showcases products or services and facilitates easy transactions.

Example: A soap maker can use streaming video to demonstrate the soap-making process and offer viewers the option to purchase their favorite products right from the video.

3. Niche Content Channels

As the streaming landscape becomes more saturated, businesses will succeed by catering to niche audiences. SMBs can grow by creating content that speaks directly to their target market so a sense of community and loyalty is developed.

Example: A local bookstore could start a streaming channel featuring book reviews, author interviews, and live readings, creating a dedicated community of book lovers.


Final Word

In conclusion, streaming video is not just a trend; it’s a fundamental shift in how businesses connect with their audience. Small and medium enterprises benefit from exceptional streaming video for business in their marketing strategies.

Live streaming is exploding, and in the coming days, it will be the standard on which the performance of every business will be measured. So, whether it’s cost-effective advertising, increased engagement, or real-time interaction, the benefits of streaming video for business are clear. Streaming video is already a successful strategy; in the future, it will be the strategy for everyone to follow.

There making it mandatory for businesses to partner or collaborate with a video marketing service company in order to produce and promote engaging and compelling videos to captivate and woo customers. This will eventually result in boosting brand-customer association, and foster brand loyalty that ultimately results in growth in brand revenues in the longer-run.

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