Google Ads to Pause Low-Activity Keywords Automatically from June 2024

Google Ads to Pause Low-Activity Keywords Automatically from June 2024
Google Ads to pause low-activity keywords by the end of May 2024 to streamline workflow and declutter ad accounts.

Key Takeaways

Google Ads is all set to make substantial modifications to its platform by pausing low-activity keywords by the end of May 2024.

The change is in line with Google Ads decision to pause all the inactive ad groups, but this change is more at the keyword level, not at the level of ad groups. Google Ads started to automatically pause ad groups in March 2024, and the process was completed by the end of April 2024.

Google has already taken steps to inform advertisers about this change through email. The email that Google recently disseminated to advertisers stated that:

Email of Google Ads to Pause Low-Activity Keywords

What are Low-Activity Keywords?

According to Google, “Low-Activity Keywords” are those created thirteen months ago but received zero impressions. Google Ads automatically pausing these low-activity keywords aims to declutter advertiser accounts. This change would eventually help promote and nurture a more targeted strategy while encouraging advertisers to only opt for high-performing keywords.

Google Ads Pause Low Activity Keywords

What Will Be the Impact of this Change on The Advertisers?

This update will result in a large number of campaigns being affected since any keyword matching the criteria will be automatically paused. While advertisers will be notified of such pauses in the keyword, they can choose to reactivate them. However, Google discourages advertisers from doing so unless they expect to soon generate impressions. Although advertisers activate the previously paused keywords, they will be paused again if they do not generate an impression within the following three months. Google’s logic for this update includes decluttering keyword management for advertisers by removing underperforming keywords that contribute minimally to campaign success. Secondly, it may motivate advertisers to focus on highly valued keywords that are highly likely to drive traffic and ad success.

What Options Does Advertisers Have? 

Advertisers are not without options. They can manually unpause keywords that they think are important for their campaigns. This might be especially applicable for niche markets or specific marketing goals in which low-activity keywords have strategic value. However, Google suggests that advertisers see this update as an opportunity to review their keyword strategies with a focus on relevance and potential impressions.

What Does This Change Mean for the Future of Google Ads Campaigns? 

The auto-pause feature represents a move towards more efficient and results-oriented advertising. It highlights the need for regular account reviews and optimizations so that ad spending is directed toward keywords that contribute to the advertiser’s goals.

Bold steps like automatically pausing low-activity keywords will likely shape the future of digital advertising, according to Google. Advertisers should be ready for this change coming into effect from June 2024 onwards and ensure their campaigns are optimized for maximum performance accordingly.

However, for some advertisers with limited knowledge and experience, this change can be overwhelming. Advertisers might have to revamp the whole Google Ads campaign, such as adjusting goals and bidding tactics. Therefore, it is best to consult a professional PPC agency as they can help you navigate this change in a more smooth and effective manner.


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