Genie AI: Google Launches AI-Powered Text-To-Video Game Tool Set to Revolutionise Gaming

Google DeepMind Unveils Genie AI
Google DeepMind just launched Google Genie, an AI tool with the power of generating interactive game play environment just from text or image prompts.

Key Takeaways

A few days after OpenAI announced the launch of Sora, a generative AI model that can create realistic videos from simple textual instructions, Google DeepMind unveiled its state-of-the-art text-to-video game model,  Genie AI.

Google’s Genie AI can read and comprehend textual instructions and transform them into a 2D virtual video game like the Mario Bros.

Genie AI and Sora are bound to be compared. In a way, both tread similar territory, crafting immersive worlds with simple text prompts. But clearly, Genie aims at interactivity, unlike Sora’s purely visual world generation. Like Sora,  Genie AI is still in the research and development phase, and will be released later to the public.


How Does Google’s Genie AI Work?

Google hailed Genie AI as a “foundation world model.” It was trained on some 200,000 hours of unlabeled 2D platform game videos available online. These videos taught it complex controls and developed amazing abilities.

Here’s exactly what it can do, according to information provided by DeepMind:

Generate a playable video game world: This new AI system’s main function is to create various playable, interactive environments based on user input.

Genie can produce an entire playable world when prompted by the user. Here is how:

Images: You can give an image to Genie to analyze, and the AI game maker can generate a playable world inspired by the image’s style. DeepMind revealed that Genie’s extensive training on huge data-set has enabled it to:

  • Earmark parts of the image that can be controlled
  • Choose the main character and other characters
  • Decide types of actions to impart
  • Be intuitive about the actions so that the same controls will make your character jump in the forest and fly in space

Text Prompts: Genie AI can take a text prompt from you and visualize a playable world accordingly. A simple example of this could be a prompt such as “Generate a Playable World Like Mario Bros, in which a Explorer Collect Coins and Kill Enemies.” The results will be simply amazing:

Genie AI Text to Video Game

DeepMind suggested that you first generate a realistic or fantastic image through an AI text-to-image generator like Google’s Imagen2, feed it to Genie AI, and wait for the magic to happen.

Imagen 2

Sketches: If you are an imaginative type of person with an artistic flair, you can sketch to give Genie AI as input. Genie will produce a custom video game out of it by identifying the main character. Then, it will imagine and produce the whole world surrounding the character, a storyline, and infuse the main character with suitable actions.

Genie AI Sketch to Video Game

Photos: Finally, Genie, the AI game maker, can transform a photo into a 2D game. You can then control the samurai or the cat as a character within the AI-generated video game inspired by the photo.

Genie AI Samurai 2d Game


What More Can Google Genie Do?

Genie, Google’s AI Game maker also possesses the capability of learning and then replicating similar actions for the in-game players exclusively by analyzing videos from the internet. This is quite impressive, considering that videos on the internet do not possess labels with respect to the actions being performed, nor do they have any information regarding part of the image that must be controlled.


Final Words

Genie AI is poised to take on the multi-billion-dollar gaming industry by democratizing the complex process of making video games. It has already promised to flatten the coding barrier.

You might say now that the above statements lean on over-exaggeration. After all, Genie AI can learn from and create 2D simplistic gaming worlds with modest graphics.

But once this whole process or model is streamlined, the sky’s the limit.

This Google game maker may hold a significant hedge on the future of gaming and robotics. Its potential is not just limited to 2D gaming. This system’s understanding of mechanics hints at how it can be used to train robots virtually.

Artificial Intelligence is fast taking us to a point where imagination and technology will seamlessly blend. Google Genie is a big step in that direction.



  • What is Google’s text-to-game Genie?

Genie is an AI system developed by Google DeepMind that can convert text or image prompts to playable video games.

  • Which Google AI makes games?

Genie is the name of Google AI, which makes 2D, side-scrolling style games.

  • What is Google Genie?

Google Genie is an upcoming, recently announced Google venture that promises to transform users’ text or image prompts into whole playable environments.

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