10 Types of Call to Action (CTAs) to Boost Website Conversions

10 Different Types of CTAs on a Website

Key Takeaways

Call to Action (CTAs)  can help boost your website conversions, but since every business has different objectives there are different types of call to action or CTAs that must be placed to entice and prompt visitors to take specific action.


Call to Action (CTA) buttons and taglines are essential to any website, especially the landing pages. Businesses must be on their toes to make CTAs count for lead generation. For businesses that get visitors from different demographics or regions, for example, there is added pressure to produce outstanding CTAs, or else their landing page will not get them the results for which they are created.

Consider CTAs as friendly signs on your website asking visitors to contact you or act upon a particular request. They’re the bridges between your visitors and how you can do quick sales. But it is easier said than done, as you need to think outside the box before placing any CTAs.

Not all CTAs are created equal, and from your target audience to your offers and what sales target you have in mind, you need to devise 10 types of CTAs for the best results. You need your copywriters on top of their game to make everything count. Only then can you achieve what you are aiming for.

There are wide range of Call to Action (CTA) buttons that can aid businesses in attaining their specific set of goals and objectives. In this post, we break down 10 distinct types of Call to Action (CTAs) that help businesses drive more relevant and qualified leads.

But, before we dive deep down in exploring the distinct types of CTAs, it is crucial to understand what is a cta or call to action button.


What is a Call to Action (CTA) Button?

A Call to Action or a CTA is a prompt on a webpage that entices visitors to perform a specific action like downloading an e-book or subscribing to the email newsletter. CTAs often appear as a clickable button embedded on the web page, or in a pop-up form.  These buttons vary in size and style, depending on the theme of the website and the goals conversion target of the business.

Now that you know what Call to Action or CTAs are let’s explore 10 distinct types of CTAS that businesses can use to boost conversion rate in 2024.


10 Distinct Must-Have CTAs on Your Website

  1. Free Stuff

From eBooks, webinars, or anything valuable you can offer in exchange for the email addresses, you must tempt visitors to make things work for you. Imagine your CTA as something refreshing that your visitors will accept wholeheartedly. Of course, only a few people will be willing to share their personal or business email addresses; that’s why your design and the CTA copy must be impeccable.

Example: Download our FREE 5-Step Guide to Instagram Marketing for sure-shot success.

Free Stuff CTA

  1. Learn More

Most visitors skim the websites in a few seconds rather than check them out in detail. Your job is to entice them to spend a few minutes on your website to give you more chances to succeed. It would help if you researched extensively, as this is one of the toughest in offering 10 types of CTAs to your visitors.

Example: Click here to download a detailed case study about how our anti-dandruff shampoo beat the best in the business.

Learn More CTA

  1. Shop Now

Now, this is tricky as not everyone may start shopping for your products as visitors are hesitant to shop from a random website. Of course, your copy and other stuff will lead your visitors towards this CTA, but you must still work hard on this aspect. Give your best shot to make visitors click on the Shop Now button.

Example: Experience our finest services related to medical billing.

Shop Now CTA

  1. Subscribe

Offer them exclusive updates, discounts, and behind-the-scenes peeks to keep them returning for more. Imagine your CTA as a VIP invitation to a high-end party. Everyone would want to come, and you can get their attention through the following CTA.

Example: Get the exclusive discount for the launch of new Adidas shoes

Subscribe Now CTA

  1. Follow Us

These are the Instagram and TikTok fanatics and people who live their lives on Facebook. Give them a way to keep your brand front and center in their social feeds. Imagine your CTA adding new memes and similar viral content that such people love. It is one of the top 10 types of CTAs to help businesses for sure.

Example: Follow us on Instagram for daily doses of what it feels like living in Dubai Downtown.

Follow US CTA

  1. Contact Us

Get in constant touch with your target audience. Make it easy for them to reach out and build trust. Think of your CTA as a friendly invitation offering directions and how they can get all the information about your product before they make the final decision.

Example: Have a question? We’re just a click away! Contact us for instant assistance.

Contact us CTA

  1. Get a Quote

Treat your visitors looking for comparison shopping like a professional. Give them a quick and easy way to get a personalized quote, showing them you’re worth every dirham. Imagine your CTA as the way to gather all their wishes and provide the perfect solution.

Example: Get a FREE quote for your dream kitchen renovation. Let’s make your vision a reality.

Get a Quote CTA

  1. Leave a Review

Testimonials are marvelous for any business’s growth. Encourage happy customers to share their support for you, as this catalyzes building trust and attracting new visitors. Imagine your CTA as a way to amplify their voice for the whole world to hear.

Example: Tell the world about your experience! Please leave a review and help others discover the magic of our spa.

Leave a Review CTA

  1. Social Sharing

Word-of-mouth marketing still rules. Make it easy for your fans to share your content and spread their love for your product on social media. Your CTA can make prospective customers jump with joy, forcing them to click the share button. Another one of the 10 types of CTAs you want to master for getting results for your product.

Example: Click here to share your favorite dish from our menu with your friends and loved ones.

Social Sharing CTA

  1. Start a Chat

Live chatbots are an excellent way for customers to enquire about anything on your website. Answering questions and guiding visitors is like getting their attention and starting a new relationship. This can go a long way in making them your customers in the future.

Example: Start an instant chat and ask anything to help you better understand our products and services.

Start a Chat CTA


Final Word 

Call to Action buttons or CTAs have turned into an essential marketing tool that every business must have in its armor. CTAs when placed strategically can help drive conversion by enticing visitors to take the desired actions. Not only that well-crafted and designed CTAs can speed-up user-journey by redirecting them to their desired pages without a hassle. The 10 types of CTAs mentioned here tell visitors what to do next, enhancing user experience and increasing the likelihood of achieving website goals. From straightforward buttons to engaging forms, diverse CTAs cater to different user preferences, ultimately improving engagement and conversion rates.

Although the design, size, and color of the CTAs are essential, but a CTA without an enticing copy is just another button on your homepage cluttering the design of your website. Thus, a clear, engaging, and captivating copy combined with a well-designed CTA is crucial. This is where Aun Digital comes in, our team of copywriting experts in Dubai specializes in curating captivating copies to prompt action from visitors.

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