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Did you know that ads enhance 80% of brand awareness? Yes, it is true!

Almost 65% of consumers' clicks show that PPC actually works. In reality, the process of PPC advertising in Dubai is multifaceted, and some businesses find it overwhelming and an added strain on their shoulders. Here comes the need for a sound PPC advertising agency in Dubai that knows how to drive real results and maximize ad spending.

Aun Digital, with 15+ years of experience in PPC management services in Dubai, continues to generate compelling Ads for a fast return on investment (ROI) for every stage of the business, from startup to enterprise. By leveraging potent targeting capabilities, including demographics, geotargeting, interests, behaviors, and whatnot, we seamlessly set up, optimize, run, and manage your PPC Dubai campaigns.

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Our PPC marketing agency in Dubai doesn't just throw darts in the dark. Instead, we employ advanced analytics to find hidden data insights and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.


Laser-focused Targeting

The only PPC services in Dubai that don't put a dent in your budget on irrelevant clicks. Our laser-focused targeting ensures your ads reach the right people (ideal prospects) at the right time and place.


Transparency Is Key!

No smoke and mirrors are allowed at our company. Aun Digital believes in complete transparency and integrity. Our PPC advertising agency Dubai ensures you have real-time access to your campaign data and regular performance reports so you always know exactly where your budget is going.


Dedicated Account Manager

Your brand will not be just another statistic in our clientele list. Rest assured, our company will assign a dedicated account manager to your business. This way, you can ensure you receive personalized service and a clear understanding of your unique needs.


We Are Constantly Evolving

Aun Digital is never satisfied with "good enough." Our team at pay per click agency Dubai leaves no stone unturned in analyzing and optimizing your campaigns. Based on data-driven insights, we always ensure you remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving PPC landscape.

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We Offer Multiple Ways to
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Looking to power up your digital strategy? Aun Digital offers a wide range of digital marketing services in Dubai that work together to attract,
delight, and convert prospects into qualified leads. Toss in our proprietary tech-powered suite of tools, and your campaign is unbeatable.

PPC Search Engine Campaign Ads

Aun Digital puts your brand in front of those 87% of internet users who kick-start their buying journey with a search engine. We help you drive targeted traffic to your website and ensure you attract loyal users for a long time. Our Google Ads agency Dubai enables businesses to be seen in the highly crowded online space - from bidding on relevant keywords to writing compelling ad copy; we have got you covered!

Display Ads and Mobile Banner Ads

Have you ever wondered how strategically eye-catching visuals and graphics appear on your favorite websites and apps? Well, those are display ads, grabbing 90% of internet users’ attention across various platforms. With 3.8 billion active mobile internet users, mobile banner ads have become a powerful tool for brand awareness, retargeting past visitors, and promoting offers. Aun Digital offers these Google Ads Dubai services to help you zoom out those 2 million sites (your rivals) that are a part of the Google Display Network. Result? Tremendous reach, clicks, and sales!

Remarketing Google Ads Campaign

Ever feel like your brand is just missing out on potential customers who visit the website but don't convert? The Aun Digital, the Google ads expert, let you not let them slip away! Studies show that remarketing campaigns can boost conversion rates by up to 10 times (104%). Our Remarketing Google Ads campaigns bring dormant prospects back with targeted ads across the web – reminding them of your brand and increasing the chance of a purchase!

Social Ads

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the most buzzed-about social media platforms, invite a big chunk of potential customers. Social Ads let you target them precisely based on demographics, interests, and online behavior. With over 4.65 billion social media users worldwide, these platforms do the trick in connecting with your ideal audience and driving engagement, brand awareness, and sales. Aun Digital, the best PPC agency in Dubai, helps you tap into the power of engaged communities.

In-Stream Ads

Want to capture the attention of those users who consume video content as a habit? In-stream ads appear before, during, or after video content that hooks viewers' engagement in their online experience. With over 2.8 billion monthly active YouTube users alone, there is no other opinion that in-stream ads serve as the best bet to reach a captive audience and leave a lasting impression. For in-stream Ads services, leave your worries away when you have Aun Digital, the best PPC advertising agency!

Amazon PPC Ads

Wish to dominate the world's largest online marketplace? Amazon PPC Ads display your products in front of over 200 million active Amazon shoppers actively searching for your offerings (goods or products). The good news is that with years of unmatched experience, Aun Digital knows the drill. By targeting relevant keywords and optimizing your product listings, our Amazon PPC services in Dubai help you increase product visibility, drive sales, and gain a competitive edge on the platform.

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